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Nordic Radar Solutions is a company committed to developing next-generation advanced radar-based systems for a range of military and civilian applications.

Airport Safety

Nordic Radar Solutions is developing an independent long-range multi sensor system for detection of drones, birds and foreign object debris within the airport and its surroundings.

Wind Energy

Nordic Radar Solutions is  developing a cost-effective multi sensor system for automated bird detection and species recognition in wind farms.

Target scoring

Nordic Radar Solutions has developed a radar system that delivers high quality, near real-time weapons scoring data to military customers when operating in extremely demanding environments.

Our radar is the core of the system

From the very onset we assessed that existing radar technology was not adequate so we decided to raise the bar building a unique radar system design from scratch – rather than combining off-the-shelves X-band components.

Horizon 2020 and Eurostars

The international perspective and collaboration is a key element in strengthening and constantly developing Nordic Radar Solution research and innovation.

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