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Nordic Radar Solutions is a company committed to developing next-generation advanced radar-based systems for a range of military and civilian applications.

Our history takes us through solid development from cutting edge target scoring applications, to safety and capacity enhancing applications in civil aviation and finally to wind energy applications protecting endangered birdlife – all built on trust and documented performance.

We saw a clear need, there was a gap in the market towards cost effective high accuracy detection and tracking.

It all started with an idea: Why don’t we…?

Our timeline

2009: Gap in the market initially identified

2010: MS3E ApS (Military Sensor Systems Solutions Engineering) established.

  • Initial operational ideas and market needs validation

2010-12: Development of technology principles.

  • Unique radar system design for multiple applications

2013-15: Proof of concept

  • Pilot projects started
  • Concept evaluation
  • Early development
  • Proof of concept

2016-20: Proof of sales

  • Component test & deployment
  • Develop sales capability
  • First order – target scoring
  • Establish distribution partnerships
  • Company name changed to Nordic Radar Solutions Aps

2021-xx: Scaling with partners

  • Target scoring
  • Airport safety
  • Wind energy
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